Floor tiles lay parallel to the walls. With this method, lay tile in any room. Before you glue, lay it on the floor. You will see how the tile will look like after installation. Pre-adjust some drawbacks. Note, the tiles, which are laid at the entrance to the room and in the visible corner, must be intact. Don't lay there to cut the material, as it will be much to spoil the overall look.
In a spacious room you can perform laying diagonally. This method is more complex and less economical. You will often have to deal with cutting the tiles. Begin laying flooring from the doorway. Then move deeper into the room. The ranks of the threshold will be perfectly smooth.
After you have laid the tile, wait a day to dry the glue. Then proceed with grouting. To start cleaning from adhesive. Using a rubber spatula, fill the joints with special mortar – grout. Then work it into shape. If you do not have at hand a special spatula with the desired profile, then use a piece of round electric cable or a pen cap. You can use grout of any color. It should go well with the color of the tile. The color of the grout over time, not faded, soak it with special water-repellent composition.
On the package usually indicate the time after which you can deal with the removal of tiles with excess grout. Do this with a damp sponge. After the mortar dries, wipe the tiles with a stiff sponge and fabric. In those places where it comes in contact with a sink, toilet or bath, and at the junction of walls with floors, use a polyurethane and silicone sealants.