Try to detect the device on their own. Inspect the premises. Bugs are usually fixed under tabletops or seats of chairs (this is not a disguised form), hiding in the statues, potted plants, sometimes even in the chandeliers (camouflaged). Install not camouflaged bugs harder and longer they can stay in the room only if your enemy had enough time. Most often, a listening device hiding in rooms with office equipment.
Be sure to check for bugs newly leased or purchased office – maybe it moved down the firm auditioned, but never found it. To search for bugs there are special detectors. They are divided into two types. The first can only notify that the room is your IFB, the name of this device – signalink. The second type will not only inform about the presence of bugs, but will indicate its location. Their name – signale-search detectors. Using this technique, you will find not only hidden microphones, and cameras.
Antizhuchki will help and if you suspect surveillance, not only in the office. The device is compact enough you can take them with you. Sometimes listening devices found in the most unexpected places.
Buy the device from a retailer. If your city is missing such a large assortment you will find in online stores. The cost of detectors from three to ten thousand rubles. Using these gadgets is very simple – select the desired mode (searching for bugs) and wait for the results. If the device will notify that the bugs are part of the room, carefully remove the wire and take him out of the room. Do not rush to break the device, when searching try not to talk. Let the witness organization believes that the bug is still installed. Get him in a public place, leave somewhere on the street.