Subscribers can choose from several types of detailed bills. The first is the method of periodic detailing. It can be provided for the last reporting period, i.e. one calendar month. To get details of this type can be filed in the service office. However, in this case, don't forget to bring your identity document. The cost of using the service for one month will be 30 rubles. If you activate periodic detail through the online service system subscribers, then the cost would be already 30 and 15 rubles (for each request).
The other type of detail with the operator TELE2 is called incidental. It is provided to the clients of the company for such number of days that will be needed (e.g., for one day, two, three, and so on). To order a one-time granularity is also possible when you visit any of the offices of maintenance and the document. Detailed for each day the subscriber will have to pay 5 rubles.
As already mentioned, obtaining periodic of detail available through the online self service system. It is situated on the official website of the company TELE2. In order to log in to this system, you will need a password. It can be ordered there by clicking on the box with the name "Get password by SMS". It will be delivered to your mobile phone after a couple of minutes after sending the request. Don't forget that if it is inactive for ten minutes, the session will automatically end (this is installed for security purposes). To continue, you will need to re-enter the temporary password.