Deciding how to disassemble ball faucet, first determine the cause of the leak check device of the mechanism, and then evaluate the performance of its shutoff valve. If you have single lever faucet with valve made of metal or ceramics, first, carefully remove the lever itself – a kind of grip needed to control the water flow. Remember that a lever is normally attached by means of reliable screw, and when lifting be sure to pry something sharp is located above the trim. After removing the bezel, Unscrew the screw, then you can easily approach to the inner part of the mixer.
Wanting to disassemble ball faucet, secondly, consider the way it mounts perfect in each model is similar to the sanitary appliance. In the case where the lever of your faucet just put on stock, just gently pull it up and then take off without loosening any screws, as they design not provided. When a small bolt located on the side of the ball mixer, remove the decorative plug-plug, which coordinates the supply to the faucet with cold or hot water. Once you have removed the lever, loosen the housing cover of the mixer.
As a rule, this lid is attached with threads, so disassembly ball mixer provides loosening of this element "manually", without using the necessary tools. But often the cover is mounted with side fixing screw, and then at the first stage, carefully Unscrew the screws with a suitable sized screwdriver. Then pry the lid of the mixer tip or the tip of a knife and remove it by hand.
Removing the cover, you will see a big clamp nut, then Unscrew using a wrench of the desired diameter or pipe wrench, or gas. After that, remove the cartridge that needs to be replaced, but do not forget that the old gasket under it can be compacted and stick, so to remove it is not quite simple. Then turn on the mixer and see from which place the water flow to most accurately determine the cause of failure. After that perform repair mixer, replacing just the gasket or the entire cartridge in the Assembly, you definitely need to get to the "problem areas" of your mixer to swap a worn item.