Apply a pattern on the surface of the banks with a special acrylic paint for glass and ceramics. Thoroughly wash the jar and clean work area. To make the pattern of a stained-glass effect, use a special metalized circuit. It is gold, silver and bronze. Apply contour lines on the glass, leave for a few hours to dry. Complete paint drawing region to the borders. Follow the instructions for the paint dry for the required number of hours, after anneal in the oven. Do not apply acrylic paint to the surface of the banks which will be in contact with food. Do not use for cleaning products abrasive cleaning products.
Make a pattern on the jar with metallic thread floss. Purchase threads of different colors, fasten the end at the bottom of the can using glue gel is colourless. Make a few turns around the object decoration. Secure the thread, add another color. You have a bright striped Bank. If you wish, so you can do two areas at the top and bottom banks, and in the middle section to put a thread monogram and neatly glued. Try to pre-apply a small amount of glue on the floss and leave to dry. Some adhesives leave a whitish bloom, they need to be replaced.
Decorate the jar with stitched animals. To do this, draw around the bottom of the jar, make it the pattern of a fabric in two copies. Sew along the edge, turn out, darn that hole. Draw on paper the contour of the animals so that the bottom was separated with a horizontal line, and the handles stuck out to the sides. Depending on the size of the banks, make the pattern on the fabric for three or four Pets, 2 pieces for each. Stitch the pattern pieces, leave an opening at the bottom. You get a flat animals. They embroider eyes and noses, sew the lower part to the round part of the bottom. You get a kind of Cup holder. Sew handle animals as if they dance in a circle. The resulting product is paste jar.