You will need
  • calculator;
  • - the balance sheet.
Generalized characteristics of activity of the enterprise are net and balance sheet profit. They remain the same until the payment of taxes. Net profit (RAS) has a dependency on the interest rates of the profit tax, and therefore depends on external factors. Balance profit to a greater extent than pure reflects the performance of the organization and the effectiveness of management decisions.
For the initial rating decisions, the user typically requires the calculation of balance sheet profit and assesses the impact of factors on the balance sheet profit. The caveat that the income tax is deducted from retained earnings only reflects the fact of its importance as a quantitative measure of the performance of the organization.
Balance sheet profit determined on the basis of data on the result of profits from other sales, the amount of profit from the sale of works or products, the balance from non-operating transactions. All these data need to be folded, and the end result is the retained earnings.
The net profit is equal to the difference between the book profit and the amount of income tax. If the company is trading in its activities widely used indicator of profitability, which characterizes the relative size of the profit.
Income tax is the main and most impressive deduction in the budget. The taxable gain is the part of the balance sheet profit, which does not include costs allocated to costs of the appeal.
Taxable profit is the difference between the book profit and income tax, property tax, profit withdrawn to the budget and the profit received in excess of the level of profitability.
For successful management of the organization need to determine and analyze the balance sheet profit. Therefore, you should thoroughly examine the dynamics of profit, given the inflation data, adjusted net profit weighted average index of growth of cost of services or goods to the industry average. Implementation costs of services and products necessary to reduce the increase due to higher prices.