In most cases, as a drug used infusion of chamomile blossoms, which is easy to make at home. Chamomile flowers you can collect yourself during the period of its flowering (June - July) or buy in a drugstore ready-to-eat bags of ground herbs.
Chamomile tea can be prepared in two different ways: cold and hot. For a cold way to take about ten teaspoons of chamomile flowers, put in an enamel or glass bowl and pour two cups of cold boiled water.
Insist the cure for 8-10 hours, then strain it, and flower the remaining raw materials squeeze and throw. The infusion helps to rinse the mouth and throat, flushing a variety of wounds and burns, sore eyes. It can also be used inside in small SIPS throughout the day. Keep the infusion should be not more than two days.
To prepare chamomile infusion hot take a tablespoon of chamomile blossoms, fill it with 200 ml (1 Cup) of boiling water and leave to infuse for 20-30 minutes. Then strain and cold. Please note that plant material chamomile not to pour boiling water or boil, as it partially destroyed the main active ingredient chamazulene.
The resulting infusion should be consumed hot, three times a day for one quarter Cup. It is effective as a diaphoretic and anti-inflammatory drugs for colds and respiratory diseases. A hot infusion of chamomile are also useful in diseases of the stomach and intestines, such as bloating, cramping or diarrhea. Less effective infusion of chamomile as a sedative and relaxing remedy. In this case, it is taken in the form of heat for a quarter-half Cup in the evening before bed.