Buying cell phone kit you get a applicable battery. Most often, the battery is in a sealed package separate from your phone – this means that no one's ever used, and it depends only on the future performance of battery.
Insert the battery into the phone and put it to charge for 8-12 hours. After full charge use the phone as long as battery is not completely discharged and the phone cannot be switched on without connecting to wall outlet. Again, do a full charge phone 8-12 hours, and discharge phone. Repeat the procedure of "pumping" of the battery 3-6 times, and then you can charge the phone as needed.
After you "broke up" a new battery, charge it as needed for 2-5 hours, depending on the amount of milliamps per hour.
For prophylaxis is recommended to hold long the battery two times a month, charging it for 8-12 hours. When it to start charging, do not have to wait for a complete shutdown of the phone, but the battery indicator should show the minimum charge in it.
To preserve the battery health is sometimes made to fully discharge it and carry out long exercises. But be careful: such prevention is only useful for battery type Ni-Mh.
Most modern mobile phones are equipped with lithium-ion batteries (Li-Ion), battery full discharge just is contraindicated. However, a full charge in 8-12 hours is recommended 2 times a month, with no waiting for the phone disconnection.