To choose a set of tools is easy if you set to the work ahead. In sets for plumbing work should be keys for the pipes and fixtures for tapping.
When carrying out electrical work in the set are screwdriver, scissors, knives and wire stripper, flat screwdriver. Such kits are equipped with bag that is comfortable to wear.
If the set of tools is purchased for a wide range of works, pay attention to the kit, which has a large range of accessories. The whole set needs to be in this special case, which eliminates the loss of small tips and bits.
If you have a screwdriver and drill, consider sets without a screwdriver, but only with a set of consumables. Knowing your future work, buy a dedicated set, for example, magnetic holder screwdriver with ten bits. Tool kits should be functional and durable.
When selecting a set of tools, notice how the locking mechanisms. They must be securely closed and easily opened. The coating of the handles should fit snugly to the base and do not slip. Under the necessary stuff should be a separate place.
The most suitable option for the house master is a versatile set of tools. This pack includes cutters, pliers, screwdrivers, drills, hammer, wrenches. Addition to this kit may be a power drill or perforator. With the help of special nozzles on the drill you will get a grinding machine.
Choosing a set of tools, look closely at and touch his parts. Consult the respective documentation, user manual. Find out whether tools manufacturer service center in your city.
Remember that even the most complete sets of tools are not always able to meet your requests. So acquire the necessary basic set, and if necessary Supplement it.