Please note that designation of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) are equal. Their only difference from each other consists in the fact that the second is more modern. The conservative British, however, still use the first one.
Please note that on the territory of the Russian Federation, the transition to winter time is canceled for this evening. All regions of our country is now year-round use the time corresponding to the summer for those time zones where they are located. For example, for Moscow is UTC+4.
If you do not know in which time zone is your town, open the following picture:
Locate on the map approximately the region where you reside, and then by the legend in the bottom of the image, define your time zone.
If you live outside the Russian Federation, find out from the local legislation, whether in the territory of your state's transition to winter time. If you find that this is so, the winter differs from summer by one hour in the direction of reduction.
If you want, find your time zone using the following website:
Select the state and city, and then implemented the automatic selection of time zone based on the availability of transition to winter time, as well as whether it is at the moment.
Remember, however, that the clock on the above website is a relatively inaccurate. A more accurate way to find information about minutes, and seconds on another website:
However, there is, if correctly configured the browser or the OS will incorrectly display information about the clock. If you find that this is so, information about the clock take from the first site (with the proper choice of the time zone), and minutes and seconds - with the second.