You will need
  • Cable DVI-HDMI.
Find a matching pair of connectors on the TV and the video card on the computer. It is necessary for the connection of these devices. To ensure the best video quality it is better to use those channels that transmit a digital signal such as DVI and HDMI.
Almost all models of graphics cards DVI connector is present, and the new video even have a HDMI port. Despite the fact that in most TV sets is no DVI connector, can be realized using special adapter connection DVI-HDMI. Purchase the appropriate cable and adapter to it.
Connect the DVI connector of the computer with the HDMI port of your TV. Turn on both devices. The setting of the TV select the HDMI port the main source of reception video signals. Go to the settings of your computer graphics card.
To set the optimal video quality you must set the settings on the second screen (TV) separately from the main monitor. Open control panel and go to menu "Registration and personalisation" (Windows 7). Open the "settings" screen menu in the "Screen".
In the window that appears click "Find". Wait until the system will detect the second display (TV). Select this screen and activate the checkbox "Make this main display".
Now configure the settings for this screen. Set the desired picture resolution, adjust the brightness and contrast, set the frequency sweep.
To view the video files of mkv format install a special player. As an example, can use the free software KMPlayer. Open with the desired program file and enjoy the high quality video, watching it from your TV.