Styling foam is very simple. You must first decide what result you want to achieve. If you want to obtain a voluminous hairstyle, you must purchase a lotion for styling with the effect of volume. A small amount of foam apply to roots of wet hair and using a round brush, comb and a Hairdryer and style your hair. To use foam it is possible and on dry hair, however the result is not as wonderful as when applied to wet tresses.
Facial hair is not only a great way to add volume, but also a great striker hairstyles. Place it on a flat comb evenly through the hair. The hair becomes manageable and easy to style. If you like to wear curly strands of hair and use curlers, a Curling iron, before you pin the curls, apply a small amount of foam. This will provide a tremendous wave, not glue the hair. This hairstyle can stay for more than 12 hours and does not require additional fixing. The important role of the cosmetic lies in the fact that it contains substances to protect the hair from damage during drying and styling, as well as vitamins that strengthen hair.
Using foam for styling, you can create wonderful and very trendy hairstyle "the effect of wet hair". For this you just need to wash your hair and applying the foam onto hands, distribute it evenly through the hair. The arms should put his hair down. Next, dry hair and hair ready.
Choosing foam it is important to pay attention to its functionality: for the volume and locking. Don't forget that the degree of fixation can be different and tailored to the particularities of your hair, choose the right product. Take care of your hair - make sure the product vitamins and does it have protective properties.