Do not invest in the opening of Lombard their last resort. This business is quite risky, so there is a chance to be left with nothing, but still be in debt. Prepare to work with a huge number of documents and constant contact with the various inspection bodies.
Find a suitable room. It should have a minimum area of 60 square meters and be divided into several parts: in the first take clients and make assessment of the pledged property, the second stored charge. Should be a room for the accountant and cashier, as well as a retail space where they sell things remaining unredeemed. The building should be well renovated and tastefully decorated, after all, it is customers will judge your well-being and reliability.
Fill in the necessary papers. This is a very long procedure, but the basic documents – the permission to trade jewelry, granting loans, certificates that all your employees received the required training. You will also need to register the LLC to register with the tax authority and organization for the fight against money laundering. This is just a small part of bureaucratic procedures, so be patient.
Equip the room with everything needed. You will need a scale for jewelry, showcase, cash register, computer with licensed software for collateral activities. Also required a large and reliable safe storage of mortgages. Do not risk your firm and the health of employees, install an alarm and hire a security guard.
Pick up the staff. You will need to find an accountant, cashier and merchandiser - appraiser. What of the appraiser depends on the prosperity of the pawn shop, so pick a professional. Also will need an administrator, but the functions you can perform yourself.
Determine interest rates, and you can open the pawn shop. If the company will stay afloat, all the costs it will pay for itself in one to two years.