You will need
  • Size: 80.
  • - 400 g of yarn;
  • - straight knitting needles No. 4;
  • - circular knitting needles No. 4;
  • hook;
  • - 5 buttons.
Right shelf: dial 46 of the loops and knit between the edge loops 22 of the loop garter viscous, 11 oblique loops and 11 loops garter viscous.
On the right side uniformly perform height-5 holes for the buttons, retreating from the edge of the loops at two loops.
At a height of 20 cm from the first row further dial for sleeves on the left side 48 of the hinges. At a height of 32 cm from the first row of loops set aside.
Left shelf: knit symmetrically, not vymazyvaja the holes for the buttons.
Back: move to the spokes of a loop of the right and left shelves.
For the front neckline close on both shelves with the inner edge at five loops, and lay nineteen loops.
All loops continue to knit the back, completing the pattern. At the same for back neck further enter between the shelves thirty-nine loops.
At a height of 12 cm from the beginning of the back, close both sides of forty-eight loops of the sleeves. Through 32 cm from the neckline close the remaining loop.
Hood: move on circular needles right shelves. The back neckline dial thirty-nine loops.
Translate to circular needles the loops of the neckline left shelves. In the end, you have the spokes should be seventy seven loops. Continue to knit between the edge loops of garter viscous.
At a height of 5.5 cm from the start of the hood to check the back bevel of the hood secondary loop and both sides of one loop, then every sixth row vivaria of transverse threads nine times for one loop in every fourth row three times one crossed the loop. After 20 cm from the beginning of the loop, close the hood.
Assembly: perform side seams and seams of sleeves. Follow the top seam of the hood. Sew buttons. Edge products tie lobster step" or in any other way.