Use, for example, a search engine Nigma to compute the value of the arc sine. This search engine has a built-in calculator, coupled to the Converter of units of measurement. To calculate, for example, the value of the arc sine of the number 0.387, go to and type in the search query(arcsin 0.387) in degrees". After sending a query, the search engine will show the result of the computation. If the same result should obtain in radians, the units of measurement need not be specified: "arcsin 0.387". Google's search engine has a similar calculator, but if you need to get the value of the arc sine, in degrees, the operation will have to be in two steps - first figure out the value in radians, then ask Google to translate the received number from radians to degrees.
Use built-in operating system software calculator, if you do not trust the search engines or do not have access to the Internet. This calculator is the easiest way to open a dialogue via start programs - open menu on the start button, select Run, type calc and click the "OK"button.
Switch the calculator interface in "Engineering" or "Scientific" option, opening his menu "View" and selecting the appropriate item. This needs to be done, as in the baseline interface does not have buttons to work with the trigonometric functions.
Enter the value of the argument function, and then select the units in which must be obtained calculation result. For this we need to tick in one of the three fields (degrees, radians, happy) under the window you enter a numeric value.
Check the checkbox labeled ' Inv ' and click the button labeled sin - in the standard calculations it corresponds to the function "sine", but if you have activated the setting of the Inv all the trigonometric functions are replaced by the opposite. The calculator will calculate and display the value of the arc sine from vedène your argument.