You will need
  • - copy of the document of adoption;
  • - copy of passport of the adopter;
  • - copy of birth certificate of the child.
Determine if there are grounds for cancellation of adoption of the child. The main reasons for the unconditional cancellation of the adoption are as follows:
- adoptive parent is an alcoholic or a drug addict (and this is officially confirmed by a medical report);
- the adoptive parent has abused a child (which is also to be confirmed);
- the adoptive parent evades the performance of parental duties is incompetent. In these cases, the court cancels the adoption. If none of the above reasons are the case, then the chances of a cancellation of adoption decrease. To cancel the adoption, perhaps for other reasons. It is important to prove their seriousness and relevance. Remember that first and foremost the court takes into account the interests and sometimes the opinion of the child.
Contact the court or the guardianship authority with a statement about the abolition of adoption. Attach to the application a copy of the certificate of adoption, a copy of your passport and a copy of the birth certificate of the child. In addition, you may need other documents (e.g. medical report). In the case of divorce, one spouse may file a request for cancellation of adoption, if there are grounds. The consent of the other spouse to revoke the adoption can play a positive role in adjudication.
A qualified lawyer with experience in such matters. It will help gather the necessary evidence that will increase your chances of a cancellation of adoption. If the court granted your application, then within three days extract from a judicial decision will be sent to the registry office where the cancellation of adoption is registered. In this case, the child may be given a different name and patronymic, or the data will remain unchanged at the discretion of the court and at the request of the child.