You will need
  • - wire (1,0-1,2 mm);
  • - white tape;
  • - two colors (medium-sized buds of roses, orchids Dendrobium);
  • small greens, asparagus, boxwood, Ruscus;
  • - white satin ribbon.
Measure the circumference of your head, the person for which you made the wreath. If this is not possible, make a wreath in the form of open rings with tie-ribbons. This addition not only will not spoil, but rather give the wreath even more charm.
Measure out a length of wire equal to the circumference of your head plus 4-6 cm for the connection and receipt of a closed ring. Cut one or two of these cut to make a ring from folded together two or three wires. The bigger the flowers and the wreath, the stronger must be the design of the wreath.
Then wrap the wire (while it's still not bent) white teip-tape. This one is a little sticky tapeused by florists in the manufacture of various floral accessories, sold in any floral shop. Close the ends of the wire and secure them, several times, wrapping one end around the other. Circumference of the wreath should be equal to head circumference.
In the case of manufacturing open wreath, measure the wire length that is twice or three times the circumference of your head – depending on the anticipated weight of the accessory. Wire wrap teip-tape and fold it to make a cut equal to the standard head circumference (size M – 57-58 cm, for size S – 55-56 cm).
The open tips of the wreath a little straighten the bends the wire to make loops for attaching ribbons. Thread these loops of white satin ribbon 1 cm wide and tie them to the frame of the wreath.
To the ends of the wreath (or back) attach a small bundle of decorative greens. The stems of the beams neatly rewind teip tape for durability secure thin decorative wire.
Cut close to the head of the white rose attach to the wreath, distributing them evenly throughout the entire circumference. For the front of the wreath, select the flowers with more open petals, and closer to the back use the buds. Between the roses, place 5-6 flower orchids.
Carefully remove from under the flowers in wire frame to keep built you a sequence of flowers. Start attaching items to the wreath frame teip tape and wire, alternating the two types of flowers and bunches of greens. On the inner side of the wreath only place sprigs of greenery. Roses place is not in the same plane, and slightly rotate them to different angles to a wire frame, so they look natural and the wreath was more voluminous.