Prepare 50 ml of warm water. Better if its temperature will be 37-38 degrees. Rubbing is too hot or cool water will cause discomfort to the patient. Moreover, it is most likely that the cold will constrict blood vessels and as a result of spasm of the human condition will only worsen.
Add in a container of water 9% vinegar. If rubbing will be the child, it is enough 30 ml of vinegar. For an adult it is advisable to use a 50 ml. How should I stir the ingredients.
RUB the soles and palms of the patient. Next, go to places where there are large vessels: neck, knee bends, axillary troughs. Apply liberally to the surface of the body. Evaporating liquid will cool it, causing the temperature decline.
To enhance the effect, add to the obtained solution of two tablespoons of diluted rubbing alcohol or plain vodka. Such a solution will evaporate more intensively, and therefore the heat will be removed more quickly.
Prepare the solution for compress. To do this in a glass of water add one tablespoon of vinegar. The resulting liquid impregnate the fabric and attach it to his forehead.
Closely monitor the patient's state of health. In some cases there may be spasm of the vessels, which will only worsen the human condition. A symptom of such terrible complications is a pathological pallor and the sweats. In this situation, the rubbing should cease immediately as they can cause further worsening of the condition.