You will need
  • pipe internal insulation (of smaller diameter than the main);
  • basalt wool;
  • - binding wire;
  • - stainless steel sheet;
  • rope;
  • - the handle of a shovel;
  • - screws;
  • - glenanne-sand mortar.
In order to start the insulation of the chimney, take basalt wool and use it to wrap the pipe in several layers. Then fix what happened, with binding wire. Stukatura glenanne-sand mortar.
Measure the perimeter of the pipe with basalt wool. Based on the resulting calculation, cut the stainless steel sheet of the required length. Width of steel sheet shall be not less than one meter.
For shaping of a metal workpiece, wrap it around the chimney smaller. Corners Kruglaya manually or with rolls.
The resulting workpiece put on the stove pipe. If the width of the workpiece is more than half meter, then use two ropes. Start to pull the rope in the circumference of the pipe, throwing both ends of a rope to the handle of a shovel. Continue to twist the handle.
Hands to gently tamp stainless steel on the sides, the metal is not broken. To complete the process, twisted the handle until the required tension.
As soon as you achieve the desired tension, level the unit and secure the metal with screws.
To continue insulation of the chimney to repeat the process several times. Every time you move the rope in the desired direction, apply the next sheet of stainless steel with zahlest and the lower edge of this sheet attach with only one screw.