You will need
  • - bulbs gladioli;
  • film;
  • - wire frame;
  • - charcoal;
  • - humus or peat;
  • - mullein;
  • chicken or pigeon droppings;
  • - weeds;
  • - caustic soda;
  • - funds from pests.
Land that in the spring you can put the bulbs of the gladioli, is to hide the film in advance, or can even fall to warm the soil. The film is stretched on a wire frame at a distance of 20 – 30 cm from the ground. Spring bulbs should be planted immediately under the film. In warm weather, the wrap should be removed to harden the flowers, it is very important for successful growth and flowering of gladiolus. Finally to remove the cover it will be possible only when under it will appear a lot of germs.
Before you plant the bulbs in the ground, they should clean away dried flakes. If you find suspicious areas (this may indicate the beginning of any illness), it is better to cut, and slices sprinkle with crushed charcoal.
Planting depth depends on the size of the follicles and the condition of the soil. On light soils the bulbs immersed for 10-12 cm in the loamy 2 – 3 cm higher. If the bulbs are small, they and at all should be placed in the 5 – 8 cm from the surface. After planting gladioli in the ground should be covered with a layer of compost or peat of a thickness of 2 – 3 cm.
Over the summer we need to spend several feedings. The first is done with the appearance of the plants of the third or fourth leaf. As fertilizer is being introduced initially, the infusion of mullein, and then infusion of hen or pigeon dung. Gladioli can feed and chlorophyll a hood. For cooking in a barrel it is necessary to put any plants (e.g., weeds, to far to walk), cover them with water and admixed 100 g of caustic soda. After a week with this solution you can start to feed the flowers, spreading liter chlorophyll extraction in a bucket of water. After the appearance of the fourth leaf of the gladiolus is required to spray the crop pests.