Before starting work, to take care of materials that will not harm the coating to the design of the led under the weight and not wince from the temperature difference. For starters, avoid moisture programsuite floor waterproof astringent solution, which will provide the desired tightness of the coating.
Then cover wooden floors with polyethylene film, in which there should be no holes, carefully align it and secure the edges with tape. Provide over the edge of a future tie allowance of 5 cm
Screed mortar should be prepared from cement, sand and plasticiser, which will provide durability and will serve as an excellent barrier to moisture. Before applying this mixture thoroughly pospolite surface, seal every crack with foam and epoxy putty. Seal the joints with special silicone sealant.
The thickness of the screed should be regulated in advance, not in its styling, this mark and install majachnye rejki. The most optimum thickness of the layer is 3-5 cm If there is a need to increase rigidity, then use the metal mesh, the reinforcement will give a General construction for more strength and increase resistance to possible stress.
After preparations you can start the grouting. The screed should be kept for several days until it dries, then cut the tape at the edges.
As you can see, screed wood floor is not difficult, but you need to properly prepare, calculate, mix, and weigh the pros and cons.