Use various search engines on the Internet. This is the easiest and cheapest way. Search services you can find both paid and free. You have to understand that the information in our time is money and money is not small. Therefore, you should first use the free search engines. Of course, the relevance of the information obtained in this way, you will have to check, but still the opportunity to save your budget is worth it.
If it is impossible to determine the subscriber's mobile phoneusing the free search on the Internet, go to pay. You can refer to such sites as
Payment can be made via your mobile phone by sending an SMS to a specified number. Your account will be removed a predetermined amount, and then provide access to the requested information. You can also pay via an electronic wallet that may be much easier.
You should know that each mobile operator has its own database in which they enter information about their subscriberX. Such information of the company-operators receive from the subscribers that last point at the conclusion of the contract on rendering of communication services. You can buy such a database in large markets where they sell electronic goods (for example, Mitinskaya, Savelovsky, the top crust, budenovskiy). Buying artisanal disk with a database, you just install it on your computer, enter in the corresponding number field of your existing phone and get what you are looking for, namely all the information about the subscriber (including passport data). But remember that the information in such databases very quickly loses its freshness and it needs to check them thoroughly. Also try to buy the latest version of the database, which will increase the authenticity of her information.