You will need
  • - removable hard drive you want to format
  • - personal computer with Windows
  • - a Windows installation disc
Make sure the removable hard drive you want to format, no important data. Write down the desired files and folders on the main hard drive of the computer or to external media (CD and DVD discs, usb-stick, etc.).
Remember that after formatting the disk will be completely clean, your data will be unrecoverable.
Check that the removable hard disk connected to the computer. Start the formatting procedure.
To hold it in several ways. Select the one that suits you. But it is better to use them in the following order, moving to the next step only if the previous one for some reason did not succeed.
The first option. Open "My computer" through the start menu or from a shortcut on the desktop. Select the desired disk, click on it right mouse button and select "Format". In the ensuing dialog box, select the required file system, all the settings you can change on your own.
A variant of the second. If in "My computer" is not reflected you need a removable hard disk, try to find it in any other way. Click "start". Locate the "Control Panel", open. Look for the item "administrative tools", then "computer Management". In the ensuing dialog box, in the thread "Storage device" select "Control diskmi. Locate the drive, right click and select "Format...".
The third option. If the previous two methods don't give results, then take any Windows installation disc. Download it and start the reinstall. Normally, the system prompts you to select which hard disk to install and do I need to format the disks. In both questions, select your removable hard drive you want to format. Do not forget to specify the filesystem.
As soon as the formatting process, the computer will reboot. This highlights eject the Windows installation disc. The process is completed.