Paint to give hair ashy shade to choose, based on their hair color. Brunette to achieve this colour the most difficult. First you need to bleach the hair a special composition, and only a couple of weeks to paint in the desired color. These procedures have a harmful impact on hair, so after bleaching and toning, be sure to use reducing agents. So the appearance was right on time tint growing dark roots.
Chestnut and blonde hair to give the gray color a lot easier. It is enough to use hair dye. Discoloration is not required, if the color difference is not more than 2-3 shades. If the existing tone of your hair suits, make it ash will help toning shampoo. It consists of a purple dye which gives a beautiful silvery hue. Very careful you need to be using this money on light hair. If you overdo the shampoo, the hair will become bright purple.
Blonde to ashy color you painted the hair for 1-2 shades darker or lighter natural. It is better to use a gentle non-ammonia. The paint will not only get the desired shade, but also can strengthen the hair and engorged them with nutrients. Before applying dye tool, make sure to read the instructions. The exposure time is extremely important, and a flush composition sooner or later you can obtain an unexpected result.
Below the gray color is preserved longer and moved to yellow, if any type of staining, use once a week toning shampoo. It will refresh your hair color will make him rich. Don't forget about strengthening balms and masks. Even healthy hair needs from time to time to be nourished with vitamins and minerals. This will avoid split ends and will make the curls shiny and silky.