You will need
  • - Access to the Internet;
  • - experience working with Word;
  • - knowledge of HTML, Photoshop.
Earnings on sharing services.
One of the most simple and affordable options for earning on the Internet is the earnings on different games. The essence of the work: pour a variety of materials (video, photo, books , abstracts, etc.) on the website of paulovica place on the Internet (directories, forums, news sites, social networks, blogs, etc.) to your file, and for each download get the coin. Payments for these services basically go from 1000 downloads.
The most famous sharing services:,,,,,
If you have no problems with literacy and for those of you in school was not difficult to write an essay or a presentation, you can try yourself as a copywriter or rewriter. It's simple: you write an article for her you pay money. You can sell your ready-made articles on various services, content (,, etc.), or you can do to find a customer recommending your services to web-Studio or online store.
Earnings on the blog.
Learning to write lyrics, create your own blog. Choose topics which you know best and write for people. Make your blog interesting, write as often as possible and expand your readership. When your blog becomes widely read and visited, should register with the services for earning for blogs. You will be able to write posts or reviews on an order, leave links under their posts. All this, of course, for the money. Services:,,
Earnings on creating websites and banners.
Be patient, please be free time and learn something new and popular online. Each day brings new sites, so the demand for their creation is always current. Learn the basics of HTML, the basics of design and create to start your website. On its basis make a couple of templates and sell them. You can also learn how to create banners. They are very popular on the Internet. For these earnings will require knowledge of Photoshop. But your knowledge and skills will not be in vain. You will learn a new niche to make money online and will provide a good, interesting and paid work can bring pleasure.