Straighten curly hair at the salon. Salon straightening treatments are of two types: chemical and thermal.
When chemical straightening curls hair distributed a special formulation that softens the cortex of the hair and straightens it. The procedure damages the hair, so after she can not expose them to repeated chemical exposures, even staining. As regrowth of the hair should be adjusted - in this case, the structure is applied only on the roots.
Thermal rectification is not so much harmful for the health of hair. The procedure is performed with a special comb. The frequency of teeth on the comb picks the wizard, focusing on the structure and extent of hair damage. Happen mild, moderate and severe thermal straightening. The choice depends on how much curly hair, and also to their status.
Straighten unruly curls at home with the help of special cosmetics for smoothing curly hair. For sale is a large quantity straightens shampoos, conditioners and styling products for curly and wavy hair. They detangle and temporarily straighten unruly strands. The disadvantage of this method is that moisture your curls will again begin to curl. The effect of these styling products short-term, especially if you do not use a locking gel or varnish.
Learn how to straighten your hair yourself. A few trainings you will ten minutes of unruly curls to make sleek straight strands. Wash your hair straightens with shampoo, use a softening conditioner after washing. Dry them with a Hairdryer. Dry hair oil gel for styling, with a special emphasis on the radical part, if the curls are twisted from the root. Roll the hair on large rollers, starting from the top. So you divide the hair in separate strands, ready for straightening.Take turns curler, starting at the nape. Liberated strand straighten using a flat iron for hair straightening. Drizzle with straightened hair lacquer or RUB between your hands a light holding gel and spread it on the surface of the hair. Hairstyle is ready.