You will need
  • Partition Manager, диск Windows Vista или Seven.
There are several options to create a second local disk. The choice depends on how you plan to do. You should also consider whether you will install the operating system, or it is already available.
To begin, consider a situation in which you need to install the operating system, by creating a second partition on the hard disk. This operation is possible when installing Windows Vista or Seven.
Run the setup program and start the process. At some point the screen will display a window containing a list of hard drives. Click the "drive options". Select the partition from which you want to separate a second local disk. Click "Delete".
Now click "Create". Specify the file system type of the future section and its size. Repeat this step to create a second local disk. Select one of them and install the operating system.
But often there are situations when you need to create a second partition without reinstalling operating system. In such cases it is customary to use a special utility. Download software Partition Manager. Please note that not all versions are compatible with 64-bit systems.
Install the program, restart the computer and run it. Click "Quick create partition. Specify the hard disk free space create a new partition. Click "Next". Select the type of file system the new local disk and specify the size for him. Note: because the original disk will not be formatted, new partition can be created only from his free area.
Locate the "Apply" button, located on the main toolbar and click it. The process of creating a new partition can last for several hours.