You will need
  • - activated charcoal
  • - sage, chamomile, calendula, lavender
  • - Lugol's iodine
If no fever, treat sore throat with antibiotics is not necessary to hurry, as they only "drive" the infection inside and not treat it. Start taking 2 times a day activated charcoal 2 tablets for the rapid elimination of the infection out.
Gargling every hour with decoctions of herbs (such as sage, chamomile, calendula) help to remove accumulated on the tonsils infection. It is very important to change the grass, because the mucous membranes very quickly get used to a permanent cure, and it ceases to have effect.
Lavender is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, immunity-boosting, so gargling with a decoction of lavender, 1 times a day will strengthen your tonsils and will not give the infection to appear again.
Inhalation at night with a decoction of herbs or aromatic oils such as lavender oil, lemon, eucalyptus eases breathing and accelerate the elimination of infection from the body. Before using the oil it is necessary to dissolve it in a small amount of alcohol, since oil is not soluble in water.
Effective treatment of the entire respiratory system, including sore tonsils, is breathing exercises by Strelnikova. Shmygina nose twice a day for 10-15 minutes will strengthen the tonsils and entire respiratory system.
Removing plaque from the tonsils iodinolum or Lugol's solution will help in the short term to cope with the inflammation. On a pencil to wind the wool, soak in the solution and mechanically treat tonsils.
Psychologists say that throat disease occur in those people who are afraid to Express themselves fully, can't Express their opinion. Free from the opinions of others, be confident and boldly Express their position. Tonsils treatment by drugs and psychological means will allow you to quickly fight the infection and forget about it forever.