You will need
  • Ice, paper towels, Laundry soap, salt.
If the contamination is light, you can go smeared the objects with a cloth soaked in alcohol.
Plastic kid's toys must be soaked in warm water, the clay itself will be restrained from them after a while.
Wash the adhering clay from the furniture, you can use sunflower oil. Fabric a cloth moistened with vegetable oil and wipe all the dirt, the surface will be cleared immediately, but after about 3 treatments. Wash it off after modeling easier in the same way.
Large pieces smeared on the surface of the clay is first necessary to scrape away to his left as possible, then it will be easier to clean.
Ordinary dry paper towel is good with little pollution, pulling her towards him while wiping the sticky pieces of clay and absorb fat.
Carpets and clothing are suffering from clay the most because it leaves a greasy stain brown. Clothes can be cleaned by putting a couple of hours in the freezer. The clay will freeze and can be safely removed, then wash clothes with bleach, stains will not remain and a trace.
If the clay is strongly ingrained in the clothes, it must be turned inside out and an old toothbrush to RUB the Laundry soap into the problem areas for about 5 minutes then sprinkle cooking salt and a little RUB. Then, rinse the clothes with water, the stain should disappear.
With a nappy surface of the carpet to clean clay is quite difficult. Most importantly, do not try to clean it with a cloth or tissue, as it only eats deeper into the surface. The carpet is unlikely to fit in the freezer, so you need to take a plastic bag or a hot water bottle, fill it with ice and put on the stained place for 10 minutes. After the clay freezes, it must quickly otkovyryat any convenient object.