Many reputable publications test different brands of subwoofers and talk about the pros and cons. favorites are honey manufacturers such as KENWOOD, PIONEER. If you do not have big funds, you should adhere to one rule. Price acoustics of your car should not exceed 20% of the cost of the car.
Subwoofers come in 2 types: active and passive. Active subs have an amplifier built in, which saves you from having to spend money on amplifier. This subwoofer connects directly to the head unit (radio). You do not need to make connections: radio – amplifier – subwoofer. But, of course, they have their drawbacks. Active subs are made from cheaper materials than the passive subwoofers and the sound quality is reduced. Also likely an earlier failure.
In order to connect a passive subwoofer, you need to choose the amplifier. He gives when bridge connection capacity, which is specified in the passport "Saba" as nominal.
Providing 4 types of subwoofers:1.The subwoofer of the closed type with a sealed enclosure.
2.Subwoofer bass reflex type. Has a kind of tube or "cheek" to adjust the low-frequency characteristics.
3.Subwoofer band-pass type. The speaker is retracted inside the housing, and the sound is played through the bass.
4.Subwoofer with passive radiator (has a second speaker). It is necessary to lower the overall resonant frequency.The second type subwoofers reproduce the bass better than the "subs" of the first type, but are accordingly more expensive. The third type of good that helps to do without crossovers. Subwoofers with passive radiator are rarely used because they require a jewelry setting.
When you have selected the subwoofer, do not install it yourself. Contact a specialized service, proper installation is "Saba" and the correct connection is a very important component. Depends on the sound quality.