You will need
  • - border tape;
  • ceramic border;
  • - ceramic parts;
  • construction of the gun;
  • - aquarium silicone;
  • - liquid nails;
  • - water-resistant adhesive for tiles;
  • - grout.
Buy curb tape or plastic kerb for bath. They vary in width, it all depends on the gap between the tub and the wall. Keep in mind that plastic or tape border is a temporary measure. It will last no more than a year, and then will require replacement.
Wipe clean with a dry cloth the tile and the edge of the bath where you intend to install the ribbon curb. The entire surface should be absolutely dry.
Insert the gun, aquarium sealant and insulate the gap. Allow the silicone to dry.
Adjust the tube of silicone on the tube of liquid nails. Typically tape border is sold with adhesive layer, which is necessary to warm up the building hair dryer, but the layer is extremely durable. In addition, the tape is stretched when warming up and after cooling, is compressed. So that put a curb on the sealant or liquid nails.
Glue the edge of the tub with masking tape that accidentally got out the glue does not hurt the enamel.
Measure the desired length of the border strips or the plastic edging. Apply the thin layer of liquid nails and press down firmly on one edge to the wall, and the second to the tub. It is best to take the help of someone from home. The more you kiss the curb, the better it will stick and last longer.
Tape sealant the joints of the border strips in the corners.
With a good repair in the bathroom buy ceramic border for isolation. He will last until the next thorough repair. Ceramic border sold individually. Measure the distance you need to cover, and purchase the appropriate number of blanks. Don't forget the ceramic parts.
Dry the intersection of the wall and the edge of the bath. If the gap is large, it is possible to first saponite. If the gap is thin, then RUB it with silicone. Allow to dry.
Mix waterproof tile adhesive. Apply it on the ceramic border and glue across the junction of the bath to the wall. Ceramic parts are placed in the corners of the wall.
Use the grout for the tiles to cover up the seams between the ceramic border. The grout can be diluted with water, and you can just buy ready-made in a tube. Importantly, the mass was water-resistant.