Select the appropriate time for Dating. Perhaps it will be a family celebration, field trips, etc. should Not cause a girl to get acquainted, surprisingly, as one of your parents may not be ready for this, for example, will feel bad in this moment, which can spoil the overall impression of the experience. And the girl in this situation would feel uncomfortable. Warn your parents and your second half in advance so they are mentally prepared for this event.
Before you bring a girl to meet, tell us briefly about her parents, about her character, her Hobbies. Even if they have already formed an opinion about her. Of course, try to keep this opinion was positive.
Prepare your favorite to visit. Tell us about your parents, their occupations, what matters, most likely, they will ask that they might be interested in her personality. It is necessary that the girl was more confident and calm, although some anxiety will be present anyway.
You, like anyone else, know that like your parents. So encourage the girl that it is better to buy as a gift. Maybe your dad likes cognac, then you can give him this drink in a beautiful bottle. A mother can give her favorite flowers and chocolates. To do too expensive gifts are not necessary, as it may look like an attempt to earn a good attitude through material means. But without the gift to come too very well.
What would you advise the girl to dress better. The first impression must be good, so it is important that your significant other looked neat, well-groomed and stylish. If she adheres to some extraordinary style, completely change your image of her is not necessary, but you should try to soften it, so as not to shock parents. And they should warn that girl is getting dressed not really for them habitually.
Let during the most fun a girl will try to behave with ease. Don't sit and be afraid once again to say a word, but excessive talkativeness may not like your parents. Help your girlfriend during the conversation, especially if you see that she's nervous. Somewhere you can somewhere turn the conversation to another topic, if you see that the conversation begins to take an undesirable turn.