You will need
  • 1. Office with small warehouse located in the strategically right place.
  • 2. Several agents and a lawyer in the staff.
  • 3. Business connection with the administration of the city cemetery, manufacturers of funeral merchandise.
  • 4. Advertising media (regular placement of information in the local media and on message boards).
Decide what range of services your Agency will provide at the initial stage. You can act as as a mediator between clients and a number of organizations and manufacturers (such as the town cemetery and crematorium, transport companies, manufacturers of coffins and monuments, religious communities, etc.). Eventually there will be the opportunity to acquire their fleet of hearses, independently to produce funeral of attributes (coffins, wreaths, etc.).
Pick the room near the Bureau, taking into account all the nuances and logistics of the funeral – a message from the existing cemeteries, and the supply of coffins a place for Parking of funeral vehicles. In addition to the "office" part of the funeral services should be equipped with a small warehouse funeral accessories that you will need to demonstrate to clients.
Come up with your company name – in the case of ritual services it will carry a load slightly greater than that for any other profile. Expression and "creative" it is better to minimize and be restricted to a bare statement of the scope of activities. The same applies to corporate style funeral homes in General.
Hire employees who will help you to establish a system of finding clients. To solve this problem will require not just experienced managers, and people with delicate and sensitive psychological state of customers. In addition to the agents-managers in the organization of funeral services involve a lawyer involved in the formal side of the funeral. Drivers, loaders and balamory-makeup artists are on the staff of those organizations with whom you are in the process of funeral preparations cooperate.