You will need
  • Mobile phone, manual to it online.
Take the phone in hand. If you still have the manual, it is best to read it. Can also find and read the manual online. If you're manual not found ( which is unlikely), then you have to do everything manually.
First open menu of your phone. Scroll to find "Settings" (maybe it will be called "Settings") and select it. Then go to menu "Display". Find the line Type menuand select any shape you like.
How to change <strong>menu</strong> <b>phone</b>
However, this method of changing the menu are not available in every phone. If you want your menu look like something else, but your machine does not allow you to change it this way, do not despair. Options still there. Again go to "Settings" of the phone. Look for the menu "Themes". In turn set the theme until, until you find the one you like. If you are not satisfied none of the themes available on your phone, you can install other, downloaded from the Internet.
In order to download the theme from the network, type in the search engine "Theme for ( your phone model)". Select the appropriate website, find your favorite topic. Download the file you will be asked. Move it to the phone and click "Install theme". That's all, the theme is installed on your cellular device.
How to change <strong>menu</strong> <b>phone</b>