Start with textile design of the room. First and foremost is, of course, blinds and curtains on the Windows. Nicely matched curtains are able to visually correct the shortcomings of Windows: to hide an ugly window sill, change the bad proportions of the window opening. As a rule, very comfortable looks lush drape curtains, giving the room extra softness and warmth. Choosing textiles for Windows, do not forget that it must harmonize with the main colors in the room, as well as its overall style. For example, if the room is decorated in soft beige tones, choose curtains for 1-2 shades lighter or darker with a subtle pattern. If you also prefer the interior in the style of hi-tech, it will not fit heavy velvet curtains. The textile design of the room is not only curtains, but also a variety of drapery furniture, doorways, zoning of the space in the room.
Another tool for creating comfort in the roomis the addition of various ornaments, small trinkets, photos. These items could not be better convey the personality of the people living in the room, create an individual atmosphere. Most importantly, don't overload your home such trifles. It is enough to put 1-2 photos on the dresser or hang them on the wall. Also add a few dear to your heart Souvenirs or pictures. No need to turn the room into a Museum, cluttering the walls of the huge number of photo or exposing for display the entire collection of my grandmother's crystal.
The important role played by lighting. To the traditional chandelier add different lamps for each zone in the room: a floor lamp for the sofa, Desk lamp for work place, etc. These little things right will add comfort to any interior.
Of course, it's not all the secrets of creating coziness in the room. There are many nuances: live or artificial flowers, play with the colors of the room, even the smells in the room. But what direction would you choose, the important thing is that your room is truly yours and not turned into a fashion picture from a magazine.