To win or at least to reduce anxiety before an upcoming flight, you need to follow some recommendations. First, realize that flight is essential, because it saves your time. When you clearly tell yourself that other way in time to get in the right place not, will be easier to tell your fears "no." Remember the words of the famous philosopher that "freedom is the recognition of necessity"? so help yourself be a little freer.
Fear has certain physiological symptoms – trembling hands, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, sometimes even acting on his forehead cold sweat. So help him to escape using some physiological tricks. Before the flight, a good night's sleep, have a drink, take your food (but do not overeat!), loosen the intestines. Wear loose clothes and shoes, to improve circulation during the flight, loosen the collar so he doesn't embarrass his throat. You'll see, you'll be a little easier if you physically feel comfortable.
On Board be sure to take anything your anxious fears brain. Then you simply will not have time to cheat yourself and imagine how the airliner full of passengers, falls down. Read an interesting book, solve a crossword, watch a thrilling movie on the laptop, flip through magazines. If flying on business, review the pre-work documents, do the necessary calculations. If in a hurry on holiday – to plan, schedule, where to go for excursions that will buy. In such good care and time before landing you will fly by.
Be sure to take a flight water, juice, mineral water. If you are always a little to drink to cope with fear will be easier. Also helps deep breathing. But auditory training is not too effective method in this case. Instead of telling yourself that you're not afraid of flying, you better call for help common sense. Because so many people every day rise above the clouds, and it ends normally. So why you going to happen something bad to you? Remember that statistically a plane is the safest form of transport. Of fatal accidents on the car is much more.
If fear of flying has developed into a sickness aerophobia, it is necessary to consult a doctor and get treatment. In our country there is a clinic that helps people to overcome such an obsession. It's called "Flying without fear" and is located in Moscow. The therapy usually lasts 2 days and costs several thousand rubles.