You will need
  • capacity, tincture of Cayenne pepper, egg yolk, mayonnaise, oil, red pepper, colorless henna
To increase the number of hair by using extension. Thus, the desired amount of hair reach in a short time. The method involves the use of special thermocaps by which additional hair strands attached to your hair.
Hair extensions is cold or hot methods. Better if your choice will fall on the Italian method, because it is resin use natural keratin.
To strengthen hair, and therefore, make them thicker, you can use folk remedies. Do not expect a rapid effect, as when building. However, in this case hair will not only look good, hair get back to health.
Purchase tincture of Cayenne pepper. Apply to scalp and wrap with a handkerchief. After 30 minutes, rinse. Firming effect of nettle oil. RUB into the scalp. An hour and a half rinse.
Egg yolks (3 PCs) mix with mayonnaise (1 tbsp), clarified butter (2 tbsp) and a pinch of red pepper. Mix. Apply on hair and cover with a towel. After 30 minutes, rinse with shampoo.
Make hair thicker by using colorless henna. The volume is increased due to a thin film that henna coats the entire hair. Use henna at least three times, and the result will surprise you. The hair will return to the splendor, brilliance. Significantly increase their volume.
Significantly strengthening the hair is possible only in an integrated approach. Therefore, alternate treatment henna with drawing masks. Only such an approach can provide a positive result.