Advice 1: How to come up with an interesting story

To tell an interesting storybased on real events, is not so difficult. Another thing to think of the story from beginning to end. This will require imagination, imagination and a few techniques used by professionals.
Select from a dictionary of 10 words at random
As in any business, in inventing the history of the most difficult to start. How to come up with an interesting story? Something to tell the story? In situations such search, the psychologist Edward de Bono recommends the use of a strategy of ten random words. Suppose you want to write a story about going to sea. But also threads in the head did not come. Take the dictionary and pick random words. Each of these words associate any logical ties to the. In the course of this work needs to "break out" and interesting idea for a beginning of history.
A similar method recommended to use a known-teller Gianni Rodari. To compose the tale, he was asked to choose at random two words and splice them together. This was considered the beginning of a fairy tale. For example, "dog" and "wardrobe". The trivial connection gives rise to the enigmatic tale, "the Dog was sitting in the closet." Then it remains only to spin the story: "what was she doing there?", "Then what happened?", etc.
Have Rodari there are many tips on how to write stories. They are all simple and applicable even in games with children. Learn about these tips from the book this writer's "Grammar of fantasy".
Wonderful it would be to turn to the experience of other writers. But to choose to read better not monographs and serious works about writing, and light and easy to understand book. One of these works is called "How to write a book." The author Stephen king. And by the way, despite the fact that king – the king of horror, this work is fun to read.
After invented a decent start, with the content of the story problems usually arise. The difficulties tend to be at the end. Interesting story and need to finish respectively. In order to achieve a result, you need to exercise in originality. For example, imagine Bunny ears sticking out from behind a Bush. I think there is a hare? And perhaps no. What then? Or imagine two drawn semicircles on the same line. What could it be? Trivial is the answer to two of the hangar. And the original, for example - two haystacks on a flying carpet.

Advice 2: How to come up with the plot

Everyone can remember many cases when I wanted to write an interesting story or a lengthy literary work, but the inspiration was over, it was worth thinking about the development of the plot. Indeed, in order to write a worthwhile literary text, the author needs to think carefully about the storyline to make them interesting and logical. Dynamic plot, well thought out characters, unexpected ending – all this makes the work attractive and exciting for the reader. In this article we will explain what you need to remember that the plot became boring and slow.
How to come up with the plot
Before you begin to write your book or novel, do you create a script or plan. This will help to structure ideas and arrange them in the correct order. Start with the development of the introduction, then move on to the main part.
Study the main lines of characters, dialogues and events. The availability of a ready script then help you further diversify and complicate the plot in the writing process.
Writing the story, create the setting of your story or your novel. The actions you need to consider as thoroughly as possible, with the most detailed descriptions – the reader should see before my eyes what you write. The scene should be described atmospheric, so that this atmosphere is transmitted to the readers through the text.
Show how you see the world which is described. Try to keep within the limits of the genre in which you write. Think about it, what mood reigns in the place in which the main action of your novel. Also the atmosphere and style of the scene should be attractive to you – you can write only about what you like.
Considering the scene, begin the study of the characters. Think about what images would be the characters that you want to say, portraying their characters and actions, and whether the characters are prototypes of real people, or do you invent them from the beginning to the end in your mind.
The characters need to arouse readers emotional response – love, admiration, pity, hate, or resentment. No one should remain indifferent to the character – be it positive or negative character.
Don't forget that behavior and character must be present the element of humor – too serious a work will not attract the reader. Give the reader the opportunity to laugh at the characters in your books.
Think about what roles in your book will play good and evil characters. Define their objectives, their style of behavior and type of attachment.
Also, you need to come up with some splashes of the plot is an interesting and exciting situation in which the reader can't tear myself away from the book, not knowing how the story ends, and what is the fate of his beloved heroes. Get your the characters interact, invent unusual moves.
Don't make their relationship boring – the situation in the plot should be sharp and unpredictable. Don't forget about the main climax of the plot and the ending, which can be completely finished and open is an open junction allows the reader to their own imagination to build the future of the characters. Properly crafted story is developing rapidly and, coming up to the final point, is the readers emotions.
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