The easiest way to dichlorvos. Treat the room with dichlorvos, it is advisable to use new and emerging tools. Processing starts with the underground (if you have it), then sprinkle the back room and gradually move toward the exit. Close the door and wait 3-7 hours. At this time, in the room there should be animals, and aquariums close tightly. After a time ventilate the room, and dead insects collect and throw out of the house.
A solution of garlic and onions is also coping with the elimination of dvukhvostka. But the principle of operation is slightly different. Dvukhvostka just leave the room and not die. Finely chop 50 g of onion and as much garlic and add 200 ml of water. Give it about 1-2 days. The solution, strain and pour into a spray bottle. Obsolite all the walls in the house and underground (basement), as well as places where insects. Gradually dvukhvostka leave your home, but it is likely that for a while. Treatment should be done once a week during the invasion of the insects (spring and autumn). However the smell in the house is not pleasant, so before treating the environment, think.
Cockroaches chalk kills the good dvukhvostka and even macros. Apply it on walls, baseboards, and especially pay attention to the places where dvukhvostka are the most common. Can't use chalk, and gel. Funds from the Foundation gel a little better. Typically, this treatment option facilities really helps to get rid of the "unexpected guests", but don't forget to periodically apply a new layer of tools on the wall.
If dvukhvostka you do not leave, contact the sanitary epidemiology station. You will have a special treatment means, after some time, the insects will no longer bother you. And of course, dry the room and install a moisture absorber, dvukhvostka prefer to live in damp, and if you can't do it, then they will choose another place to stay with a "comfortable" conditions.