You will need
  • Knitting needles, yarn, a centimeter, a sheet of paper and pen (for calculations)
In order to correctly calculate the number of loops on the needles, you must associate a small sample. For its production, be sure to select a fragment of the main pattern, so that is what will determine in the end the correct set of loops. Obligatory condition of making a template is used the recommended yarn and needles that will be used for the main knitting.
For example, the pattern consists of 20 loops + 4 loops on the space between them, therefore, on the dial needles 24 stitches and knit the pattern at least 20 rows. If the pattern higher, targeting exactly on the number of rows in the pattern. Finish the row.
Wash the resulting sample appropriate for the yarn means. Pat dry and leave to dry flat. After drying it is possible to count the number of loops. To do this, measure the width of the sample, which, for example, turned out 12 cm.
Then make a proportion: 12 cm - 24 is a loop, therefore, 48cm (for example, the volume of the head of the doll) will amount to 96 loops. Means for knitting hats for dolls you need to score 96 loops.
Also, be sure to take into account that the basic pattern may be more "stretched" compared to the rubber band the same number of loops. That is, for knitting elastic bands may need their smaller number. Therefore, the same product is necessary for each pattern further calculate the number of loops on the needles, and then evenly increase or decrease the number of loops.