One of the main requisites is BIC - Bank identification code. If you don't know what to get, for example, the same salary the salary you will not succeed. The easiest way to find out the BIC is to apply to any branch of the Bank, whose client you are. There you will be required to provide any necessary details.
Another possibility to find out the information you need is call the Bank. Usually such organizations, there is round-the-clock toll-free hotline and a phone number at the office. The operator must thoroughly answer all your questions. The hotline is usually automated - in order to achieve conversation with a specialist, you must set your phone to tone mode and follow the instructions. All conversations are recorded. Thus, the Bank monitors the quality of customer service and provide information. About it will warn you before conversation with the operator.
Another way to know the right props can become an official website to serve you Bank. To do this you need access to the Internet. On the website you will be asked to specify the region. After that, you should select the branch or unit in which calculation is performed. After opening this page, find the section - "Details". There will be prescribed BIK and all required invoices.