You will need
  • Foam stamps "ABS" bars 10×cm, timplex, izolon.
Insulation the garageand need to start from the floor. It warmed templecon. As it is the most suitable material as an insulating coating. It can withstand temperatures from -50 degrees to +75 degrees. In addition, it has high strength in compression and bending. After covering the floor with Telecom, on top of it, you need to make a screed.
At the next stage start warming the walls and the ceiling foam thickness of 5cm in two layers, staggered, so that the connecting seams do not match. This must be the crate of timber as on the ceiling and on the walls. Bars attached to the metal frame of the garage. The foam blocks attached to the walls of metal garageand using a glue such as liquid nails.
Insulated so the walls and ceiling of metal garageand can be sheathed with plywood, particle Board, vagonkoy or any other finishing material.
The gates are also insulated with the same foam, pre-assembled crate. The joints of the foam to be treated with izolon. Izolon is Samokisha tape, which has high hydrophobicity, noise-absorbing and heat-insulating functions.
Such insulation metal garageand is able to maintain the temperature to +5 degrees. But if you want to raise the temperature to above can be used to heat the metal garageand a heat gun, which is able to raise the required temperature in a matter of minutes.