You will need
  • computer;
  • the latest version of "Declaration";
  • - proof of income and payment of personal income tax with them last year;
  • confirmation treatment costs.
Collect all the documents proving your income and paying personal income tax with them last year. If the income is obtained through tax agents (at work, civil contracts, from the sale of property to legal entities), each of them must take help form 2NDFL. This document contains all the data necessary for inclusion in the Declaration. The income on which you must pay tax yourself (from the sale of property to individuals, rental property to rent, received from abroad, etc.), confirm contracts or receipts, Bank statements and payment of tax - receipts, and checks of the savings Bank.
Download on the website of the Chief scientific-research computing center of the Federal the latest version of "Declaration" (Declaration in 2011 revenues 2010 actual Declaration 2010" with the latest changes on the day of preparation of the document). If this program is already installed on your computer, check the newer version. And in the presence update or reinstall. Requirements for returns may vary over time, and each fresh version of the program reflects the most current changes.
All sections relating to income and deductions on other grounds, filled in the same way as in any other case. Those that are irrelevant to you (for example, income from abroad, if you don't receive it, or the residue, the rights to which you are not) just don't fill. Other - on the basis of documents confirming the income, taxes and expenses giving entitlement to a deduction. The program interface is simple and all necessary data for inclusion in the Declaration in these documents.
To populate the section on the deduction treatment click on the "Deductions". In the upper right corner you will see three icons. Click on average (in the version of the program, current for summer 2011 - with a red tick in a white box), and you will see the page of the social tax deductions.
Check the box next to the proposal "to Provide social tax deduction", then in the corresponding field, specify the amount of the cost of treatment and, if relevant, expensive treatment. If there are other grounds for social tax deductions, complete the fields intended for them.
After filling in all the required sections give the command "Save" and select a folder on your PC where should you place it. Ready Declaration , you can pass the tax through the Internet via the portal of state services, if technical capability for this is in your inspection, or printed out and together with other documents to include in your inspection personally or to send by mail.