In the morning get up from the bed go to the mirror and, smiling, say "I am beautiful!". Repeating this phrase every day, you will feel more and more confident. And take care of yourself, eat healthy food. In your diet should be more fruits and vegetables. And drink non-carbonated water, 7-8 glasses a day, saturating your skin with moisture, which does not manifest deep wrinklesam on my face. And of course, at least twice a week exercise. It can be dance, fitness, yoga or whatever you like. Have fun with the process.
Do the massage. Many of them are neglected, but in vain. The massage tones the skin. Swipe it two times a day, morning and evening, when apply the cream on the face. He does so: with fingertips gently postukivanie on the skin area of the forehead in the direction from the middle of the forehead to the temples. Further, also with the fingers of whole hand, postukivanie the skin of the wings of the nose to the temples and to the ears. Pat chin with his thumb. And the skin of the eyelid prostukivanie very carefully, with the tips of the little fingers.
And of course, use folk remedies. Wash decoction of chamomile, freshen and tone the skin of the face and neck. Ice cubes with parsley whiten and clean the skin, molagavita her. Sour cream is also very good nourishes the skin. Sometimes it replace night cream. Essential oils of tea tree, jojoba will help to get rid of acne.
Cosmetics. Now in stores you can find a huge variety of means of skin care. In the care of the face and décolleté use one of the cosmetic brand. Because the price spread is very wide. Moreover, low price is not necessarily low quality. Clean the face of makeup with cleansing milk, tonic. When washing, choose a product suitable for your skin type. Then apply on face cream. If you have oily skin, the cream may be in the form of a gel, with a light structure. And don't forget – for the neck and décolleté, use special tools. The skin there is different from the skin on the face and for the prevention of deep wrinkles on neck use creams with a high content of moisturizing ingredients. As you can see, to keep youth quite easily. Everything is in your hands.