Consider the amount of work. Whether it's cosmetic or major repairs, one room or whole apartment in General.
Consider the possible financial costs, the same whether your desire is to your possibilities. This is a very important aspect of the repair. Often, financial difficulties become the obstacle to the target.
Consider the interior of an apartment (room). You should guide your actions. Flip through magazines, look at the latest trends in the Internet, talk with friends, so you decide the style and theme of your apartment (room).
Purchase all necessary materials, tools. If you decided to upgrade your room, please leave the purchase of furniture for after complete finishing of the apartment. Try not to buy materials for future repairs in the markets, as a rule, there is no certification on the product, and for the quality, they are not liable.
Free apartment from furniture and trash. Room (flat) should be clean, free of unnecessary objects. Remove the old ceiling and floor coverings (if necessary). Clean the walls. If you decide to change the window frames, it is recommended to start with them. Also remove all switches and sockets are pre-de-energized.
Align all surfaces. Make a new screed on the floor, given that its complete drying will take 1-2 weeks. Swipe plastered walls and ceiling, hiding all the cracks and any irregularities. After carrying out these works you must have a perfectly flat room with the correct geometry of angles and projections.
The decoration of the apartment. Time to start finishing and nice state of repair. Start decorating a room with ceiling coverings. Next, determine the texture of the walls. The final date of repair of the room – floors. In conclusion, all the work you can add a new chandelier and put new switches and sockets.