You will need
  • a box with a substratum, growth factors, pruner, sprayer
The most effective and easiest method of propagation of juniper is the cuttings, the more in demand by vacationers decorative forms of juniper is virtually impossible to obtain from seed. They can be propagated only by twigs. Rooting of juniper is pretty good, it depends on the type and timing of grafting. The most responsive to propagation by cuttings - juniper and juniper stunted. They have rooting up to 90 percent.
In the spring or summer plants that you had in mind, take annual twigs with promenade, which is part of the main tree. They should be around ten centimeters. Free them from the bottom of the needles, then put the twigs into the solution of the growth stimulator on the day. Then slightly bury them in fertile substrate (preferably composed of peat and sand), moisten the soil, cover with foil or banks and put it in a shady place. Periodically spray the cuttings, and a month and a half in most of the branches will develop roots.
After that, rooted cuttings planted into prepared beds. Well cuttings will survive the winter outdoors, only to cover them with spruce branches. Rearing cuttings will last 2-3 years, and after this they need to be transplanted to a selected main place in the garden.
If you still want to grow juniper from seed in the fall, plant seeds in boxes with the same substrate. Then take the boxes outside and leave them under the snow all winter and early spring. This operation is called a natural stratification. In may, overwintered seeds vicevice in the garden. If you sow without stratification directly in the garden in the spring, shoots will be only a year.