First, you need to make in the team that you are going to organize, whether classmates or colleagues at work, you are respected and trusted you. Relations in any company is better to build on a Foundation of trust and mutual respect, in the absence of trust leads to disintegration of the team and violation of it work.
For anybody not a secret that the General mood of the team sets the mood of each of its members. You will need to learn to extinguish all disputes, regardless of the reason. How? It depends on people, from their character and preferences. To help two people find common language is a difficult task, but you, as a future leader and organizer, should try to do it. If, however, to reconcile the people cannot divide your team into groups and put the disputants into different.
The task of the organizer is to bring people together. This is best done with common ideas, goals, vision. Embodying the goal in life, find each team member their job. Communicating with your team, you should try to know the opinion of each person, his preferences, Hobbies, priorities, life goals. Knowing this, it will be much easier to allocate responsibilities in the group. For example, there are people more prone to creativity. To force such a person to do chores can be, but does not make sense, as it will not be laid out in full. Much better and more productive to allow him to unleash your imagination and use it in a good cause. At the same time, in your team there are certain people, and even a few who like the monotonous and routine work. In the works they will manifest themselves bad, and therefore does not make sense to give them such work.
Sometimes it happens so that you consider personal qualities and passions of people just not possible. Then you need to assign the performance of any duties to a person who, in your opinion, with them it is able to cope. Unfortunately, in this case, it is possible dissatisfaction with "assigned". You will need your ability to persuade and motivate. You will need to convey to people that this responsibility is very important both for the community as a whole, and for him. After a successful performance, he will be able to receive the award.
Thus, over time, you will be able to develop their organizational abilities, which will greatly help you at work and in everyday life.