To deactivate SMS roamingyou need to visit the official website of MegaFon. You must obtain the password with the help of USSD-command *105*00# and call key. After this command the password will be sent to you in a text message. Also as the password you can use PUK 1, which listed the mobile operator automatically.
Next you need to open "Service guide". You can find on the home page under the Maintenance tab.
After that, the system will prompt you to conduct a phone number, password and security code. After the data is hammered, hit "Enter".
Then you will see a panel where you will have to go to the tab "Management services and tariff options". Next, find connected to your roaming and click "Disable". After the operations roaming will be disabled.
You can also disable this service by calling the customer service center at the number on 0500. The operator will ask you information about the owner of the SIM card, namely name, then the option will be disabled.