However, soy beans are indigestible for the stomach in General. In addition, the specific taste of soy beans. And cooked they are tough enough. So often the food used sprouts or sprouted soybeans. You can buy soy in the store, but to grow it at home is much cheaper and healthier.
Wash and soak the required quantity of soya beans for 6 hours in cold water. Take a clay or ceramic pot with a hole in the bottom. You can use ceramic pots. Lay on the bottom of a piece of cloth or filter paper.
Put the soaked soybeans into the vessel, cover it from sunlight with a piece of cloth or filter paper.
Water soy beans 2-3 times a day. In winter, do it lukewarm water. Keep in a warm place.
Upon reaching the shoots length of 4-5 cm, separate them from semental and use in food. Germination of soybeans in the summer lasts about 3 days, in winter about 2 weeks.
During germination of soybean protein soybean is split and forms an easily digestible substances.
Soy sprouts have a pleasant taste, they can be fried, boiled, used to make salad raw. Before use should rinse the soybean sprouts in boiling water.