Rope cut eight equal pieces and twist them into a bundle. Straighten one end of the harness and ruslanasite it, and then secure your harness separate pieces of thread. Cut out paper bits-the claws and attach them using super glue on the "legs" of the hut.
Take the inner part of the matchbox and make the bottom of the carton for two openings. Thread into the holes up from the bottom of your feet-rope, cut between them, where each end should be glued to the claws.
On the inner side of a matchbox, the tips of the fasten ropes, bowing them to the bottom and taped them to a piece of paper. Make sure that the legs hung from the bottom of a box of equal length.
The top on the inside of the box glue the outer part that is open on two sides, and then from the cardboard cut out the roof and glue on the top part of the box. Cut from gray paper a few leaves and glue the hut from all sides. To simulate logs, take a match, break off from them sulfur a match head and stick to the walls of the hut.
Slice the green paper fringe and glue under the roof of the hut, that from the roof growing grass. You can also cut out of cardboard or plastic mushrooms and toadstools, and put them under the roof, the hut was more like a fairy-tale Baba Yaga.